Earning Money Through Photography-Top 10 Tips

Earning Money Through Photography-Top 10 Tips

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Photography the art of capturing a moment forever at the click of a button is a unique and creative medium of self-expression.it is an art form requiring aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise. Photography is also a hobby that can be made profitable. One of the best parts of being a photographer in the digital age is the freedom to shoot things that fall into your range of interests and abilities.

The beauty of photography is that no matter what you are interested in you can earn money by photographing it and selling those photos both online and offline. These photos can include anything from landscapes to local events, businessmen to bees and from children to celebrities

Starting to make money through photography is very easy and you can start off with a few basic tools like a computer with an internet connection and a digital camera.

Tips to get started and earn money

Exposure: The main requirement to earn money through photography is exposure of your work. No matter what kind of photography you are into, it is crucial to get as many people as possible to view your photos.

You can get your photos online either by getting your own website or by using existing websites. Setting up and hosting your own website is very easy and it has the advantage that it will establish you as a photographer and you can directly sell to your clients without other agencies taking a share of your money

Getting your Basics right: Before starting out to make money through photography you must get your basics right so that you can start on the right track and avoid the common mistakes made by an amateur photographer. You can join hands on classroom program or take up an online course. There are a number of websites dedicated to photography which can be of great help to an amateur photographer

Area of specialization: One of the secrets of earning lots of money through photography is not to specialize. Though you might be having your area of interest, you will be able to make more money by being flexible rather than confining yourself to a single area. Photograph what people want whenever they want and they will love you for it

Market research: Market research is crucial to make money by selling photographs. Before clicking pictures look at what the buyers are looking for and you must also make sure that you are able to meet the quality standards set by the buyer. Whenever you are trying to sell your photographs you must set your prices competitively neither too high nor too low

Stock photography website: It is the fastest growing area of photography. Stock photography agencies present a great opportunity for the amateur photographer who is making some part time money through photography. They provide an excellent platform to showcase your work and these can be viewed by millions of people.

If a person wants to buy your photos from these sites he has to pay you since you hold the copyright over your photos. The biggest advantage is that you can sell them over and over again making more money each time you do so

Building a portfolio: An important aspect of earning money through photography is to make the customer want to hire you rather than just taking pictures. To prove to your customers that you are good at taking pictures you must build and maintain an excellent portfolio of pictures that cover many different aspects of photography. Once you build up a nice portfolio you can easily make a lot of money.

In a micro stock photo site you should focus on pictures that are more worth to buyers and set aside a couple of hours a day to build your portfolio. To make a huge amount submit hot selling photos to the sites

Photosharing: You can also earn money through photosharing sites, marketing your photos in these sites will get you the attention that you need to make money with your photos since many people visit these sites frequently. Though you cant sell through these sites you can imply to the user that licenses to your photos are for sale so they can contact you further.

You can also post your photographs in online forums; you must take criticism in a positive way and improve upon your work

Selling offline: If you think you don’t have an artistic eye and can’t take quality photos, there are lots of people who will pay for simple click and shoot images like insurance agencies and sell it to various newspapers and editorial. Any picture that tells a story or documents an event can be useful.

Your best bet when selling you photographs offline is to find a particular niche and market to it. field service representatives is also a great job opportunity for you as a photographer

Restoring old photographs: An overlooked area of photography is the restoration of old photographs, you can make a lot of money in this field. Restoration is easy and a number of softwares are available for this purpose. Restoration of old and damaged family photos generally fetch a lot of money because of the sentimental value they hold.

It is essential that you keep a record of the work done by you to show your customers that you are good at restoration and you can even do a couple of restoration works for free to show the quality of your work.

Equipment used: The equipment you use contributes significantly to the money you earn through photography. The quality of your pictures to a very good extent depends upon the equipment you use. Equipment includes the type of camera, lenses used, the types of filters etc. The equipment you use can either make or mar your dreams of earning money through photography

It would be better if you have an idea of the type of equipment used for your area of interest. Put in simple words you are only as good as your equipment

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